Hunter Clark PLLC originated in 2010 with the objective of helping technology clients better capture, protect and leverage their intellectual property (IP) and achieve their business goals.


Our mission is to help technologically-innovative clients capture and leverage their intellectual genius to achieve their business goals and to support the American economy. To do this, we adapt our communications and advice to provide cost-effective legal counsel tailored to each client’s needs.


Our vision is to be a small law firm that is preferred over large law firms by clients and employees alike.

The firm’s client reach has expanded from coast to coast, including, among others, Fortune 500 companies Qualcomm and American Power Conversion ( a subsidiary of Schneider Electric), several additional Schneider Electric subsidiaries in the U.S., and Columbia University. Our primary areas of technology expertise include a diverse range of technologically-innovative industries, and our own desire to leverage technology has led us to implement advanced operating processes ( docketing, electronic billing, online access to open issues, online status of office actions, patent audit procedures) that can help jump-start an IP program at entrepreneurial and small companies, and quickly and easily integrate with existing mid-cap and large-cap IP infrastructures.

The co-founders, Shane Hunter and TJ Clark, changed the way that an intellectual property firm operates. Hunter Clark serves clients better by empowering highly technically skilled employees that share the firm’s core values and strategically aligning them with  clients that value their IP assets as an integral part of their business strategy.

All our employees are passionate about enabling and protecting our clients’ innovations. Our team of patent attorneys, many with advanced technical degrees, left established careers at large law firms or technology companies to join Hunter Clark based on working relationships with the founders, and a desire to achieve the firm’s vision.

Our Core Values and Operating Principles

We’re a dynamic, industry-proven legal and technical team. We work towards a common client goal: the successful execution of your patent strategy on schedule and within budget. Your success and our success are equivalent goals.

Our team strives for respect in everything that we do for clients. The result is a deep commitment to our clients’ interests, ahead of ours, by producing the highest quality work product. We view each client relationship as an opportunity to be accepted as a long-term, value-added partner.
Our focus is to make working and succeeding together easy, efficient and effective. We can easily adapt and customize our services and processes to step right into our clients’ business reality and make an immediate contribution to their business outcomes.
We’re a team of highly-skilled patent attorneys with science and engineering degrees, with a keen and profound understanding of technology and the law. We speak your language, consistently renew our knowledge, represent your interests throughout the entire patenting process, and monitor relevant competitive patents and technologies potentially impacting your business outcomes.
We’re driven to excellence in every process and procedure, including our advice and opinions on patent strategy and portfolio management. Our learning focuses on new standards of professionalism and methodologies to improve our responsiveness, services, and work product.

Partial List of Clients


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