Hunter Clark has the experience and technology background in intellectual property (IP) law to be a long-term, value-added partner with an emphasis on relationships with our clients.


We provide patent and trademark services driven by a client’s specific needs. Our attorneys are experts in intellectual property law and well-versed in the industries and technologies they serve, many with advanced technical degrees and years of industry experience.

Our team is committed to knowing the law, and your products, technology and business, and to providing the best possible legal documents and advice.

Client Success

Guiding the journey of intellectual genius for the pursuit of client  success.

Patent Strategy
Leverage your inventions, for maximum advantage, in support of your business goals • Define a patent strategy consistent with your business strategy
Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Manage the complete preparation and prosecution process through issuance and beyond, including management of maintenance and annuity periods • Coordinate and manage foreign prosecution for applications filed under the PCT and in targeted foreign jurisdictions
Protect and Defend IP Rights
Provide prosecution and technical support to assist in the acquisition and enforcement of your patent and trademark rights • Advise on licensing and monetization strategies
Counsel and Opinions
Lead third party patent opposition challenges: Inter Partes Review, Ex-Parte Re-examination, Post-Grant Review • Prepare infringement/non-infringement and validity/invalidity opinions • Advise regarding action against potential patent or trademark infringers
Portfolio Management
Facilitate patent portfolio audits and landscape analysis • Advise regarding patent and trademark case priorities, case maintenance, and candidate cases for abandonment • Review patent evaluation and selection process • Update patent strategy and assess long-term portfolio value

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