Our patent attorneys have had successful careers as engineers, scientists, and managers at technology-driven companies.


We can quickly understand your technology and inventive concepts. Our team will efficiently manage and perform all technical and legal work involved in preparing the highest quality patent application, including filing and prosecuting  your  application. 

The attorneys at Hunter Clark will counsel you on how best to protect and leverage your intellectual property.  

We provide the responsiveness, knowledge, and acumen to make an immediate and value-added contribution to your business strategy and objectives.

Our patent attorneys have had successful careers as engineers, scientists, and managers at technology companies. We leverage our industry experience to work with your ideas to develop IP solutions. Our technical backgrounds provide us with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to enable us to assist clients operating in diverse cutting-edge industries and technologies including:

Telecommunications and Wireless Technologies
Telecommunications and Wireless Technologies

Communications and software protocols

Mobile devices, smartphone networks (3G and 4G)

Infrastructure and equipment, WAN and LAN networks, wireless networks

Radio frequency communications and antennas, wireless power

Semiconductor and Optoelectronics Devices, Materials, and Processing
Semiconductor and Optoelectronics Devices, Materials, and Processing

Semiconductor/LED/flat panel display devices, processes, equipment, metrology

Advanced wafer level and PCB packaging processes

Solar PV, optics/fiber optics, CCD and MEMS- based sensors

Fiber optic, gas, solid state lasers

Software and Information Technologies
Software and Information Technologies

Software communications standards and protocols

Computer hardware and software

Communications protocols and network infrastructures

Network security and enterprise software applications

Electronics and Microelectronics
Electronics and Microelectronics

Advanced signal and image processing, RF antenna systems

Power management and control

Optoelectronic image sensors and displays, image processing

Surface-mount and flip-chip PCB production

Materials Processing and Engineering
Materials Processing and Engineering

Polymers, ceramics, metals for medical devices, semiconductor, microelectronics processing

High power laser machining of metals for brazing, cutting, drilling, welding

Laser micromachining for semiconductor, solar PV, flex and PCB applications

Mechanical and Electromechanical Technologies
Mechanical and Electromechanical Technologies

Transducers, sensors, imaging, microfluidic devices and controls

Robotics and factory automation

Materials handling and software for transporting, lifting, moving in warehouse/distribution operations

Manufacturing and security and detection equipment

PET/CT scanning imaging equipment

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